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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt RevOps in 2022

RevOps (Revenue Operations) has been a buzzword for quite a while. With the impact of the pandemic, CEOs, CMOs, leaders and decision makers are all looking for a more efficient and tech-savvy way to deliver results and pivot into a new world of opportunities and competitions.

The Nature of Success with Matt Griggs & Cattle Dog Digital

In a recent beach-side chat, Matt Griggs, holistic high performance coach and founder of The Nature of Success, shared his philosophy on achieving success and living a full life. Matt was joined by Luke Orell, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Cattle Dog Digital, who has implemented some of Matt’s high-performance success strategies into the business values at Cattle Dog Digital.

A Pedigree Match: Diabsolut Partners with Cattle Dog Digital

Cattle Dog Digital is thrilled to announce the latest partnership and first FinancialForce Global Partner – Diabsolut! Together, Cattle Dog Digital and Diabsolut aim to transform service and revenue operations (RevOps) across FinancialForce and Salesforce.

sarah harkness AGCA winner

Leading the Pack in Diversity: Australian Growth Company Awards Winner

The breed at Cattle Dog Digital is a pedigree lot. We are excited to share that Sarah Harkness, Co-Founder and RevOps Director of Cattle Dog Digital has won the ‘2021 One to Watch Women in Leadership Award’ at the Australian Growth Company Awards 2021. According to the ACGA website, these awards, “celebrate excellence and recognise companies that demonstrate high rates of sustainable growth, innovation, integrity and contribution to the community.”

Nashir Uddin

Pack Profile: Nashir Uddin

We had the honour of interviewing Nashir Uddin, the CTO and Co-Founder of Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Nas’s background, passions, and the founding story of Cattle Dog Digital.

Gold Medal

5 Golden Rules for the Greatest Pardot ROI

Whether your organisation has just implemented Pardot or has been using Pardot for some time, you’ve experienced the amazing capabilities Pardot has to offer. How do you use this powerful B2B marketing tool to perform at its best and get the most out of your Pardot investment?

Intercom and Cattle Dog Digital: A New Way to Interact With Your Funnel

Cattle Dog Digital is very excited to announce its newly minted partnership with Intercom, a market leader in chat and instant messaging across multiple platforms. Many of Cattle Dog Digital’s high tech customers were already leveraging the power of Intercom with direct interaction, in-app messaging or sequence-based communications inside their technology solutions to their customers.