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We believe that Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the end-to-end business process of driving predictable revenue, engagement and customer success across marketing, sales, renewals, operations and expansion through transparency in technology solutions, governance that supports your investments and execution automation where possible. As Technology Platform RevOps practioners, we look for ways to increase ROI, drive efficiencies and get the most from your IT spend. 

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The Pick Of The Litter

Cattle Dog is a pedigree pack of consultants, technologists, marketing specialists, strategists, and operations gurus who are drawn together by a shared vision of changing the delivery of digital transformation services.

Luke Orell

Managing Director

Sarah Harkness

Co-Founder & Director of Revenue Operations

Nashir Uddin

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

adrian heng

Adrian Heng

Practice Lead

Matt Campion

Operations Director

Kenzie Lee


andrew nguyen

Andrew Nguyen


Ying Hu

Marketing Automation Consultant (Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, hubspot & marketing cloud)

Balachandar Mohan

Salesforce Senior Consultant


Leisa Kirby



Shaimaa Radwan

Marketing Automation
Solution Architect

Our Pedigree

Leading The Pack

Top Dogs

The CDD team collectively have over many years of digital experience across the cloud ecosystem and landscape. 

Build the tech-stack to operate your business and 
deliver rich data insights today and tomorrow.


Like a true cattle dog, we will never leave your side through the life of your digital transformation journey. Adhering to the Cattle Dog Way, or solid systems governance. We treat you like “family”. You are part of the process, always heard and ROI delivered. We stick alongside you for the “long-haul”.

Not Square

With Cattle Dog, you get the pick of the litter. Our pedigree team can deliver you results. As one of the only organizations that truly have a full-funnel RevOps Salesforce service, we work with you to set the strategic goals, implement solutions and deliver the ROI target you are looking for in your tech investments.

Cattle Dog Careers

Become a part of the pack! Work with an amazing group of people and experience what it’s like to be ‘Best of Breed’!